Top 10 Max Hurrell Songs and Mixes in 2020

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Max Hurrell is a DJ . Music Producer from South Africa and is keeping South Africa entertained during lockdown 2020. 

Max was asked why he makes these types of songs, music and remixes by the BBC and this was his response..

“I honestly made [the Zol Song] just to make people laugh during a tough time,”

“I’ve gotten loads of thank yous from people saying they needed the ‘mood-lifter’ and so I am grateful that I was able to help people feel better,”


Number 1 - Max Hurrell - Zol

Number 2 - Max Hurrell - Vibrators

Number 3 - The Eastern Cape Health MEC (Sindiswa Gomba) Farts on National Television Remix by Max Hurrell

Number 4 - Cyril Ramaphosa - Shut Up

Number 5 - Cyril Ramaphosa - The Max Condoms

Number 6 - When you get into a Taxi Remix

Number 7 - Bheki Cele - Buying Cigarettes is Illegal Mix

Number 8 - Max Hurrel - Collab with Area 51

Number 9 - Max Hurrel - Collab with Desert

Number 10 - Max Hurrel - Can't Do This Anymore


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